What are Flower Essences? FAQs

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts made from the blossoms of various plants. Different from essential oils, they are subtle preparations that have no scent. Flower Essences contain the imprint of the life force of plants, in a highly diluted form that is extremely safe to use.

They are considered “vibrational remedies” that act through a process of resonance. The term “vibrational remedies” can also be used broadly to include similar extracts made from different parts of plants and trees, gemstones, and other energetic substances.

What's Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower Essence Therapy is a wellness modality that addresses emotional and spiritual imbalances in the energy body of an individual or animal. A Flower Essence Practitioner selects and blends essences that match the specific needs of the client, determined by a consultation session. The resulting personalized formula is taken by the client regularly over time and may be adjusted on an ongoing basis.

What's the origin and history of flower essences?

Flower extracts are a form of herbalism that have been used since antiquity. Vedic texts from the 3rd century B.C. describe Puspa Hima as “flower essence taken out after soaking in water”.

In the 1930s, English physician Dr. Edward Bach developed the modern form of flower essences as we know and use them today. The “Bach flower remedies” are still available, as well as essences from many other plants and makers around the world.

Do you have to become a clinical practitioner in order to use flower essences?

Nope. Dr. Bach envisioned this to be a safe, accessible, DIY option for personal wellness that anyone could use — he taught how to take them and also how to make them. We’re honored to continue this tradition at the School for Flower Essence Studies. If you’re just getting started, sign up for our free Flower Essence Quickstart to find out everything you need to know.


Can flower essences trigger a "healing crisis"? What can I expect?

The Flower Essence Society has a helpful framework describing the different stages and manifestations that can be part of the process of taking flower essences. We also explore this in-depth in our FES Professional Practitioner Training Program

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