The Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program

Learn the art and science of Flower Essence Therapy

Have you heard the call?

to expand your flower essence knowledge

Do you yearn to better understand and connect with a rich diversity of essence plants in a deep way?

to serve more people with essences

Do you dream of widening the circle of people you help with essences and learn to work with clients?

to level up your essence practice

Are you ready to learn the most in-depth framework of flower essence therapy being taught today?

Whether you’re an aspiring enthusiast looking to begin a practice, or a seasoned practitioner wanting to expand your knowledge, we teach you in-depth flower essence therapy and qualify you for certification by the Flower Essence Society

Join the Fall 2024 cohort!

Live sessions begin September 13

(self-study modules open in late August)

This is an enriched online learning experience with live lectures, high quality course materials, and meaningful group interactions. You will learn:

photo of chicory flower

History of Essences & Flower Essence Therapy

Overview of flower essence history and the unique role and research of the Flower Essence Society

photo of agrimony leaves

Plant Observation & the Language of Nature

The 12 Windows of Plant Perception and deep immersion into plant profiles, families, and archetypes

photo of dropper bottle

In-Depth Exploration of the FES & Bach Essences

Study and work with the North American essences of FES and the traditional Bach flower remedies*

photo of iris flower

Structured Flower Essence Therapy Framework

An archetypal map of the human soul can provide a structured framework to bring clarity to your essence practice

photo of flower essence bottles

Principles of Flower Essence Selection

Selecting flower essences for others, plus practical opportunities to practice selecting essences for classmates

photo of flower essence bottles

Plant Attunement & Essence Making

Experience learning directly from plants by practicing attunement, observation, and the essence making process

photo of dropper bottle

Structuring the Client Consultation

Step-by-step approaches to both the practical and therapeutic aspects of working with clients

photo of dropper bottle

The Art of Formulation & Treatment

Different approaches to formulating blends and application in the context of Flower Essence Therapy

photo of shooting star flower

Supporting Clients through Healing Cycles

Understand different ways people react to flower essences at different stages of their journey

Tracy O'Meara Smith headshot

The empowerment derived from this experience is immeasurable

This course expanded my knowledge and facilitated a profound inner transformation, unlocking an intuitive depth that now feels second nature in the realm of flower healing.

It provided a solid framework and foundation, empowering me to establish a business and practice that amplifies and nurtures my unique gifts. I recommend this course without hesitation!

Tracy O’Meara Smith, Silverdale Holistic Therapy, Perth, Australia

Who this Course is For

For those who feel called to deepen their understanding of Flower Essences and their application in Flower Essence Therapy

Perfect for:

Flower Essence enthusiasts with a basic knowledge of essences

Intermediate and advanced students of Flower Essence Therapy

Wellness practitioners who’d like to add this modality to their offerings

Flower Essence practitioners who’d like to learn the FES North American and Bach essences

cosmos flower
Edel Gowing headshot

I recommend Ruth’s course to anyone who feels drawn to the energies of the plant world

I searched for years for a Flower Essence Practitioner Certification course that not only taught me about flower essences but also encouraged me to get out into nature and experience the Flower energy through all my senses.

Ruth gave me all this and so much more. She’s very dedicated to the field of flower essences and is extremely supportive throughout the course.

Edel Gowing, Flower Essence Practitioner, Diviner, Quantum & Energy Healer, Ireland

Here’s What You Get

visual depiction of what you get with the class
  • Unlimited access to our comprehensive audio-visual Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Training Course
  • 27+ hours of live interaction over 9 immersive sessions
  • 20+ hours of pre-recorded video lessons
  • FES Flower Essence A-Z Guide PDF
  • The 12 Windows of Plant Perception PDF
  • Reading the Book of Nature PDF
  • The Metaflora Approach to Healing PDF
  • Topical Application of Flower Essences PDF
  • Four Stages of Response in Flower Essence Therapy PDF
  • Eligibility to be certified with the Flower Essence Society
  • BONUS: Trauma-Informed Flower Essence Therapy Replay

Regular Price: $1,550

Early Bird Price: $1,250

Danielle Backers headshot

The lessons were transmissions to my soul

The FES practitioner program with Ruth Toledo Altschuler was a life-changing opportunity. I was blown away by the materials provided throughout the program, and I connected intimately with the flowers through Ruth’s photos and her one-of-a-kind teaching style.

Danielle Backers, USA

Officially Authorized by the Flower Essence Society

This program includes the full FES Professional Course curriculum and materials, qualifying you for certification by the Flower Essence Society

Learn and practice an approach of comprehensive plant observation and plant study practice developed over the decades by the Flower Essence Society, described in their classic publication, the 12 Windows of Plant Perception. From a wealth of visual materials and live online immersion, you’ll come to an understanding of the archetypal qualities expressed by plants.

Through expansive step-by-step immersion, see how the work of Dr. Bach is expressed in the framework of the eight MetaFlora Levels of the Human Soul to understand the reach and depth of Flower Essence Therapy.

Build depth in Flower Essence Therapy through the foundational understanding of the Archetypal Map of the Human Soul, as outlined in the MetaFlora approach to Healing.

Be inspired and oriented towards doing your own direct observation of plants and your own plant studies.

Understand the integrity required for flower essence preparation that is finely attuned to the plants. From there, you’ll be looking at the whole range of flower essence application.

Participate in discussions that will help you understand how flower essences impact individuals, based on the principles described as the Four Stages of Flower Essence Response.

In tandem with your classmates of dedicated individuals who are committed to learning how to work with clients offering flower essences, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’re learning by working with one another — creating combinations and experimenting with a variety of approaches.


by The Flower Essence Society (optional)

Upon completion of this course, you’ll have the option to certify with FES.

Submission requirements:

  • 3 Case Studies
  • 1 Plant Study
  • 1 Archetypal Character Study

Your final cases will be evaluated by Ruth Toledo Altschuler prior to being sent to FES for issuance of your official Practitioner Certificate.

$250 Reading Fee not included.

Additional mentoring options available.

agrimony flowering
yellow mariposa lily
pink flowers
Amanda K headshot

This course was the highlight of my year

Ruth’s grounded, organized and efficient presentation of the material, mixed with her unique, elegant, and organic explorations into the world of the FES and Bach flower essences really worked for me. This course with Ruth has truly set me on my own course in the best way possible.

Amanda K., USA

Meet Your Instructor

Ruth Toledo Altschuler

Flower Essence Practitioner, Educator, and Mentor

FES trained me as a practitioner 33 years ago — they showed me how to understand the essences and their healing qualities by walking the path of Nature and learning through the actual teachings of the plants. This completely changed my life. Now, the Flower Essence Society has granted me the honor of offering their full Practitioner Training Program here in the US, using the methods and rich materials developed by them over the decades.

Serving as an educator and mentor helping the evolution of our field of Flower Essence Therapy is something I do out of a spirit of devotion and inspiration. I have lived and breathed in-depth Flower Essence Therapy for over three decades now, having gathered a unique combination of experience unparalleled in the field.

I’m devoted to this work and it’s approach due to the integrity that characterizes everything FES does, and the powerful alignment in their clear connection with Nature.

It’s from this place of intimacy with the FES Flower Essences and their signatures, that I offer to train practitioners based on FES’s very own MetaFlora approach to healing.

Instructor Ruth Toledo Altschuler with plants and camera
photo of Danielle B for testimonial

It has been our great honor to collaborate with Ruth for over three decades in the worldwide development of flower essence therapy. We consider her to be one of our most esteemed colleagues in this work.

She has continually brought remarkable understanding for the flower essences and how their distinct qualities guide the soul healing process with each client. Her grasp of our teaching is so intricate and precise that she has also served as the most outstanding translator for our words…with an ability to understand both intellectual concepts and deeper soul meaning simultaneously.

Her innovative online teaching programs instill awareness for the living archetypes of the flowers and how the human soul can fruitfully evolve through these profound messages of the flowers. We feel deeply thankful that through her programs, the beauty, truth, and healing purpose of the FES flowers and Dr. Bach’s original flowers can continue to shine their goodness into the world.

Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz, Directors of the Flower Essence Society

Adjunct Instructors

Kathleen Aspenns headshot

Kathleen Aspenns

Kathleen is a Nature Intuitive, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Educator, and host of the Flower Essence Podcast.

As an Essence Researcher and Producer, she developed the Flora of Asia line of flower essences from herbal plants used in Chinese Medicine and cultivated in California.

In her practice, Kathleen helps animals and the people who love them with trauma-informed Flower Essence Therapy.

Rochana Felde headshot

Rochana Felde

Rochana is a Flower Essence Educator, Practitioner, Instructional Designer, Business Coach, and host of the Flower Essence Podcast

As a Plant Spirit Researcher she creates flower essences from the wild coastal cliffs, forests, and meadows of Northern California.

In her practice, Ro loves to help sensitives develop resilience, personal power, and business acumen with Flower Essence Therapy and business coaching.

Ruth, Kathleen, and Rochana are co-founders of the School for Flower Essence Studies

Program Schedule

Fall 2024 Cohort

Self-Directed Study

Live Zoom Sessions | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

August 19, 2024

Course opens: begin self-directed modules

  • September 13  Friday
  • September 14  Saturday 
  • September 20  Friday
  • September 21 Saturday
  • September 27  Friday
  • September 28  Saturday
  • October 4  Friday
  • October 5  Saturday
  • October 12 Saturday

Self-Directed Study

January 1, 2024

Course opens: begin self-directed modules

Live Zoom Sessions | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

  • January 11  Thursday
  • January 12  Friday
  • January 13  Saturday
  • January 18  Thursday
  • January 19  Friday
  • January 20  Saturday
  • February 8    Thursday
  • February 9    Friday
  • February 10  Saturday
  • February 15  Thursday
  • February 16  Friday
  • February 17  Saturday

All sessions recorded! 

We understand live attendance might not be feasible for certain time zones and situations, so don’t worry, all sessions are recorded and are posted in the course within 24 hours. Students tend to watch these multiple times to experience the rich content.

More Praise

Marsh Snider headshot

I knew I had found the mentor I was looking for

Ruth is a dedicated, generous, and inspiring mentor, teacher, and facilitator. I was considering different flower essence practitioner trainings to fulfill my goal of starting a practice. After having a consultation with Ruth, I knew I had found the mentor I was looking for. She brings a wealth of experience into the training program that offers so much value. I found the organization and structure helpful to my learning.

And I greatly appreciated Ruth’s encouraging presence and perhaps most of all her own personal connection to the flowers. She has continued to be supportive in fulfilling the certification requirements, above and beyond my expectations. I feel very fortunate to have participated in this training with Ruth and very prepared to move forward as a practitioner.”

Marsha Snider, MSW

Jessi Slavich headshot

I can't recommend this course highly enough

Having worked independently with flower essences for over 20 years, I wanted to study more deeply from a teacher and in a community. I knew it would be a rich experience, but I had yet to learn how expansive it would be. I feel deeply fortunate that I can learn from Ruth.

Her knowledge of and love for this work is profound, but even more than that, what she has to offer as a teacher and guide is rare. Flower essences practiced in their most sophisticated iteration are truly an art form–integrating Soul work that supports the arduous, wonderous task of being human like nothing else. Ruth embodies this with a full-hearted presence.

Ruth is an incredible listener and regards each student with deep respect and patience. She meets us all where we are and is deeply present, clear, and kind, making even complex material approachable and able to be integrated. She embodies this in a way that inspires and challenges me to work with the essences and my clients in such a way that honors the wisdom of nature, the Soul, and the pioneers of flower essence therapies. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Jessi Slavich
Vena Cava Skincare | Bodywork | Flower Essences
Portland, Oregon USA

Eloise D. headshot

I treasure Ruth as a teacher with years of expertise and profound insight and wisdom

Ruth Toledo Altschuler is a remarkable teacher and practitioner of Flower Essence Therapy. She’s also a professional photographer, a skill which she brings into her course work, helping people to see the beauty and signatures of flowers and their environments.

I feel lucky to have taken workshops and courses from her, learning about the benefits and energetic qualities of flowers and in which circumstances to use them. Ruth has a warm, compassionate way of interacting with students (some of whom are already professional Flower Essence Practitioners). She fosters a community spirit and dialogue among students within her courses.

I treasure Ruth as a teacher with years of expertise and profound insight and wisdom. I highly recommend her Flower Essence workshops and courses!

Eloise DeLeon, Energy Healer & Flower Essence Practitioner
New York, USA

Tracy O'Meara Smith headshot

I recommend this course without hesitation

Expressing the profound impact of this training in a few paragraphs is challenging, as it has a significant transformational impact on myself and my understanding of flower essence therapy and healing.

The course expanded my knowledge and facilitated a profound inner transformation, unlocking an intuitive depth that now feels second nature in the realm of flower healing.

This experience broadened my perspective and deepened my connection with the flowers and plants, revealing the profound importance of this relationship.

The FES course provided a solid framework and foundation, empowering me to establish a business and practice that amplifies and nurtures my unique gifts.

What sets this course apart is the encouragement to develop one’s process and connection to the flowers and the work, which is crucial when working in the healing arts. One must be able to make it there own.

Securing the FES Certification remains a pivotal and invaluable investment in my personal growth. Beyond its official recognition, the certification embodies a transformative journey that fosters heightened sensitivity and an innate understanding of working with nature.

The empowerment derived from this experience is immeasurable, transcending the mere acquisition of certification to enrich one’s profound connection with the natural world and flower healing.

Tracy O’Meara Smith
Silverdale Holistic Therapy
Perth, Australia


Edel Gowing headshot

I searched for years for a course like this

I searched for years for a Flower Essence Practitioner Certification course that not only taught me about flower essences but also encouraged me to get out into nature and make my own. To not just know what the essences are for but to get out into nature and experience the Flower energy through all my senses.

Ruth gave me all this and so much more. Ruth is a fountain of knowledge on flower essences and she is happy to share it all with her students. She’s very dedicated to the field of flower essences and is extremely supportive throughout the course.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth’s course to anyone who feels drawn to the energies of the plant world. Lastly, there was no problem taking part in the Zoom live sessions from Ireland as Ruth had them at a reasonable time making the course workable.

Edel Gowing
Flower Essence Practitioner, Diviner, Quantum & Energy Healer

Evfa C headshot

I highly recommend this comprehensive training

Taking the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Training with Ruth Altschuler was a joy in every way. This training was such a deep dive into the plants themselves, as well as the plants as flower essences. You learn how to really see the plant itself and its gesture, and the many levels of addressing our clients, in choosing the flower essences that go into the selection of a formula. Ruth has a gentle and perceptive way of teaching. You also get to enjoy her amazing photography of the plants. I highly recommend taking this training with Ruth, it very comprehensive and you will learn a lot.

Evfa C.


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Your questions answered! Join a live Q&A call with Ruth:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take this course even if I don't want to become a practitioner?

Yes, over the decades many participants in these flower essence trainings have taken the courses for their own healing journey and inspiration rather than focusing on the practitioner certification path. They felt enriched by the discussions and gained deeper insight on the application of each essence. Additionally, they were inspired by the renewed connection with Nature and plants that came from the whole experience. The certification work to become a practitioner is entirely optional.

Q. Will there be recordings of the live classes? Are they downloadable?

Yes! All live sessions will be recorded and available in the course platform for unlimited viewing. They can also be downloaded.

If your schedule permits and you can attend the live sessions, we’d love to have you with us on the Zoom. Participating in the discussions will make your experience richer as you can engage with the teacher, with the material, and with the group real-time. Students love to feel in community with other flower essence folk!

Q. How soon are the recordings uploaded after the live classes?

The recordings will be uploaded shortly after each class, usually the same day but within a maximum of 24 hours.  

Q. Can I download the course materials?

You’ll be able to download the following Flower Essence Practitioner Certification course materials:

  • FES publications (once you’ve signed the Copyright agreement)
  • Course handouts

Q. What Flower Essences do I need to purchase or own?

We cover the 38 Bach flowers, the FES Quintessentials range, and the FES Range of Light in this program.

If you’re able to invest in all of these, they’ll be invaluable and will last you many years.

If you cannot invest in all the kits now, we recommend you wait until we cover the first half of the program. At that time each student compiles a tentative list of essences they feel will meet the needs of the clients they will tend to attract.

Ruth will review your list and give you personalized suggestions on what to purchase to meet the sphere of needs of your prospective clientele.

Pro Tip: You will want to work from 1/4 oz. stock bottles. In the future, 1 oz. sizes can be purchased to refill the 1/4 oz bottles when needed.

Q. Do I get a certificate of completion for the course?

Yes! Upon completion of all modules, a Certificate of Completion for this course will be available. This is different than the optional FES Certification, which certifies you by the Flower Essence Society after meeting their rigorous standards. 

Q. What are the requirements for FES Certification?

To become a practitioner certified by the Flower Essence Society you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Completion of all course modules and assignments
  • Completion of a Plant Study
  • Completion of an Archetypal Character Study
  • Completion and approval of 3 client Case Studies

Note that FES Certification is optional and requires an additional $250 Reading Fee.

Q. How much time will I have to complete my FES Certification work?

After this class, you will have one year to complete your cases and submission requirements.

If you need more time, you can ask for extensions. You can be sure you will receive encouragement to get through to the end!

Q. Can I call myself a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner after taking this course?

Once you’ve completed this Flower Essence Practitioner Certification course AND your submission of cases and studies have been reviewed and approved by Ruth and the Flower Essence Society, you’ll be “certifed”. Note that the term “certified” has different meanings depending on context, profession, and locales, but in this industry it’s generally accepted that the title “Certified Flower Essence Practitioner” indicates that case studies have been completed, reviewed, and approved by a well regarded certifying body or school (in this case, the Flower Essence Society).

Q. Does certification make me licensed to practice Flower Essence Therapy?

No. Just like Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Reiki, and other complementary modalities, Flower Essence Therapy is not a “licensed” profession in the United States — meaning that there is no state or federal government body regulating it. Certification is something done on a voluntary basis, standards vary greatly, and it’s not overseen by any one governing body.

Q. How do I access the course once I've registered?

To access the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program once registered:

Click Sign In on the upper right-hand corner of the website.

This will bring you to your Dashboard on our learning platform (and prompt you to log in if you are not already logged in).

Click on the program graphic to access the course.

Q. My password doesn't work, how do I reset my password?

The learning platform does have a system to help you reset your password. Once submitted, check your email including your spam folder for reset instructions.

If you have tried this and do not receive a reset email, please send a message to hello@floweressencestudies.com, and we will create a temporary password for you, which you can then update.

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bach flower remedy bottles
Blackberry flower