The Bach Flower Learning Program

A free, self-paced course from Julian Barnard

Study the 38 classic Bach flower essences with leading expert, Julian Barnard

Embark on a journey to discover the flowers that Dr. Edward Bach found and developed as soul remedies

Study each flower as it was discovered by Dr. Bach and further researched by Julian

Become immersed in the language of plants as a way to understand the essence

Learn about Dr. Bach's history, healing philosophy, and vision for humanity

Who is this course for?

those who are new to flower essences or the Bach flowers

those who are familiar with Bach flowers but could use a refresher

anyone who’d like to deepen their understanding of the Bach flower essences

Your Guide

Julian Barnard

Julian Barnard is a professional counselor, teacher, writer, and herbalist with a profound connection to wildflowers and their messages of health and well-being.
A leading researcher in the field of Bach flower remedies, Julian has devoted his life to continuing the work of Dr. Edward Bach, and has authored a substantial body of work:
  • A Guide To The Bach Flower Remedies (1979)
  • Patterns of Life Force (1987)
  • The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach: An Illustrated Guide to the Flower Remedies (1988)
  • The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach: A Practical Guide to Making the Remedies (1988)
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Form and Function (2002)
  • The Bach Flower Remedies – The Essence Within (2010)
  • Bach Flower Essences & the Patterning of Water (2016)
  • After Bach: Another Side to the Story (2017)
Julian founded Healingherbs Bach Flower Essences, where he continues to make Bach flower remedies according to the original specifications of Dr. Edward Bach.
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A teaching legacy from the lineage of Dr. Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

After Bach’s death in 1936, his assistant, Nora Weeks, carried on his work at the Bach Centre

Nickie Murray

Nora Weeks trained Nickie Murray in 1962 and made her a trustee of the Bach Centre

Julian Barnard

Nickie Murray trained Julian in the 1970s, and together they formed the Bach Educational Programme in 1986

The original Bach Educational Programme was created to bring flower remedies to a wider public, and this tradition continues today

This course is Julian’s flagship Bach Flower Learning Program, offered in its entirety

Here’s what you get with your registration:

  • 12+ hours of Julian Barnard’s teaching videos
  • Audio recordings of Nickie Murray and Julian Barnard
  • Downloadable PDFs of classic text by Edward Bach (Heal Thyself and Free Thyself), plus excerpts from The Collected Writings of Edward Bach
  • Downloadable PDF excerpts from Bach Flower Remedies: Form & Function and The Essence Within by Julian Barnard
  • Journal prompts and exercises
  • Lifetime access

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Go at your own pace

Learn about yourself as you learn about the flowers

Dr. Bach believed that self-knowledge is key to a better outcome. Reflecting on ourselves and how we react to situations is a fundamental part of learning how to use flower essences. This course is filled with journal prompts and exercises to help integrate the material.


Follow the curriculum based on the order of Bach’s discoveries, or proceed in the order you’d like! The course can also be used as reference, as needed.

Module One

1.1 Finding and Making the First Essences (1928)

1.1 Impatiens

1.2 Clematis

1.3 Mimulus

1.4 Dr. Bach’s Life and Career

Module Two

2. Finding Six Flowers (1930)

2.1 Chicory

2.2 Cerato

2.3 Vervain

2.4 Centaury

2.5 Agrimony

2.6 Scleranthus

2.7 Plant Observation

Module Three

3. Finding Two More Flowers (1931)

3.1 Water Violet

3.2. Gentian

Module Four

4. The Twelfth Flower (1932)

4.1 Rock Rose

4.2 How Essences Work

4.3 The Twelve Healers

Module Five

5. The Seven Helpers (1933-34)

5.1 Gorse

5.2 Oak

5.3 Olive

5.4 Rock Water

5.5 Vine

5.6 Heather

5.7 Wild Oat

Module Six

6. The Second Nineteen Part One (1935)

6.1 Cherry Plum

6.2 Aspen

6.3 Elm

6.4 Chestnut Bud

6.5 Beech

6.6 Hornbeam

6.7 Larch

Module Seven

7. The Second Nineteen Part Two (1935)

7.1 Crab Apple

7.2 Holly

7.3 Pine

7.4 Star of Bethlehem

7.5 Walnut

7.6 White Chestnut

7.7 Willow

7.8 Honeysuckle

7.9 Red Chestnut

7.10 Wild Rose

7.11 Mustard

7.12 Sweet Chestnut

7.12 Five Flower Combination

Module Eight

8. The Seven Emotional Groups (1936)


Module Nine

Additional Resources


Your Price: FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will this course be free?

Forever! It is important to Julian Barnard that his course and the original Bach teachings handed down to him remain freely available, as Dr. Bach intended. We share this vision and are deeply committed to carrying on this lineage.

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