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Featured Courses

image of hand holding flowers and essence bottle with words: flower essence quickstart course

Flower Essence Quickstart

Are you brand new to flower essences? Learn what they are and how to use them in this quick and easy mini course for busy folks like you. Free!

Close up image of Star of Bethlehem flower with words: Flower Essence Basics

12 Essential Bach Flowers

Learn how to calm your nervous system, support your mental health, and empower your life in this quick masterclass on essential Bach flowers for DIY wellness.

close-up image of Cerato flower with words: Julian Barnard's Bach Flower Learning Program

Bach Flower Learning Program

Embark on a journey to discover the 38 flowers that Dr. Edward Bach found and developed as soul remedies, in Julian Barnard’s flagship program.

Close-up image of Honeysuckle flower with words: Bach Flowers in Contemporary Practice Part One

Bach Flowers in Contemporary Practice | Part One

Live course begins Sept. 27, 2023

Learn how Bach flower remedies are used in contemporary Flower Essence Therapy.

close-up image of Lady's Slipper orchid with words: Botanical Families in Flower Essence Therapy Part Two

Botanical Families in Flower Essence Therapy | Part Two

Live course begins Sept. 20, 2023

Study more plant families that are vital to our practice of Flower Essence Therapy.

Close-up photo of Chicory flower with words: Botanical Families in Flower Essence Therapy Part Two

Botanical Families in Flower Essence Therapy | Part One

Learn to decode the botanical language that guides Flower Essence Therapy through deep discussion and immersion of flowers and plant imagery.

Our Core Values

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Plant Centric

We listen deeply to the wisdom and guidance coming from Nature to inform our teachings

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Practitioner Focused

From casual beginner to the advanced practitioner, our goal is to resource you for success

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Brand Inclusive

We believe essence education should be based on the plant and not restricted to just one brand

What Students are Saying

“I absolutely loved the 2022 Flower Essence Conference! To fully immerse myself in the world of flower essences and flower essence therapy, and to learn how leading flower essence practitioners are working with these remedies from nature to support their clients to heal from trauma and build resiliency as sensitives, was such a treat!

There was so much amazing information given in each talk and many nuggets of gold to take away. I’m so glad I registered for this years conference, and am grateful for the amazing job Ruth, Rochana and Kathleen did in putting this conference together. As a new practitioner in this area I have come away feeling very supported and inspired and will carry forward all I have learnt into my flower essence practice which I believe will benefit my clients immensely.”

Brooke Kerekere, Registered Naturopath and Herbalist (mNMHNZ), First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Wellington, New Zealand

“I am so grateful for the offering of the Botanical Families class and could not have hoped for a better class. The atmosphere created embodied connectedness on all levels. Connecting to each plant by being guided to observe and really take in its growing conditions and environment and how it can support from that aspect.

Delving deep into how organizing our plant allies with their botanical families and being taught about their interconnectedness through story and pictures made it all come together in such a way that I could truly remember all of the information with all my senses.

I love that we are all part of the co-creation process of deepening our knowledge and use of the plants wisdom to help others heal and thrive so we can carry on the work being happy, joyous, and free.”

Amy Spadafora, South Carolina, USA

I appreciated a number of things about the Jumpstart your Business Practice course. There were many little, but important, practical details included. It’s easy to be with the essences and the formless realm that goes hand in hand with them, but if you can’t ground how things work in a professional world, you won’t be very useful to society as a practitioner. You all get this. The details (or lack thereof) can make or break a business. I loved all the references. And, my question about how to leave/wrap-up a session was perfectly answered.

I also appreciated how everything was organized and you all stayed on target with the outline and what was advertised. I’ve seen a few too many talks where people do not cover what they say they will cover, or use the talk as a forum to talk heavily about themselves and their journey (in lieu of what was advertised). As a result, I greatly appreciate that yours was a very thoughtful, professional, informative, and interesting seminar. The time went by fast! That says something great about each of your teaching abilities.”

“Ruth Toledo Altschuler is a remarkable teacher and practioner. She’s also a professional photographer, a skill which she brings into her course work, helping people to see the beauty and signatures of flowers and their environments. 

I feel lucky to have taken workshops and courses from her, learning about the benefits and energetic qualities of flowers and in which circumstances to use them. Ruth has a warm, compassionate way of interacting with students… she fosters a community spirit and dialogue.

I treasure Ruth as a teacher with years of expertise and profound insight and wisdom. I highly recommend her workshops and courses!”

Eloise DeLeon, Energy Healer, Flower Essence Practitioner, New York USA

“As a participant of Ruth’s online courses, even 23 years after taking my first FES California Flower Essences course also led by Ruth, I still feel the same enchantment with the flowers and their essences and experience the same freshness and inspiration coming from Ruth as a teacher.”

Isabela Bisconcini – Flower Essence Practitioner, Jungian Psychotherapist, Family Constellations Practitioner, Brazil

“The Botanical Families course has been an incredible class. Learning and understanding the relationship of botanical families to flower essences is so important when creating and choosing formulas. This really widens the scope of understanding and choices to fine tune what your client needs. Ruth and Kathleen have extensive knowledge and along with Rochana put together an amazing amount of information available to us. Such a well put together class. Bravo. Truly inspirational to me.”

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